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Mike soon regretted the day he swallowed a magnet. 

Mike soon regretted the day he swallowed a magnet. 



Magnetic Colorblock Desk Accessories via House of Earnest

You’ll be surprised and what is used to make up these handy magnetic accessories.

Cheers to 2014! May your new year be filled with happiness and love!
The Custom-Magnets.com Team 

Cheers to 2014! May your new year be filled with happiness and love!

The Custom-Magnets.com Team 

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Crafts Unleashed Project:

Magnetic DIY Makeup Organizer Board


Purchase your magnets for this beautiful DIY Makeup Organizer here: Custom-Magnets.com

Winter is a magical time. We hope you all are enjoying your winter festivities thus far. 


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Every end is a new beginning. 

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One of our awesome customers, Brooke is a big fan of our Blank 11” x 17” Car Door Magnets . 

Brooke continues to buy these car magnets for her kids so they can create a storyboard or creative picture on the side of her car. 

This car magnet, which is currently displayed on the car, has been decorated with a picture of a cake and flowers to celebrate her daughter’s birthday. 

This creative drawing of a camp fire scene was created for the Fall season. 

Not only does Brooke buy these for her children but she also buys them for friend’s children so they can enjoy the fun!

Thanks for sharing Brooke and we look forward to seeing future car magnets. 

If you use our magnets in a creative way and want to be featured on our blog, e-mail us; Chanel@Custom-Magnets.com! 

The Custom-Magnets Team

There are many reasons why we love the Holidays but a big reason is all the crafting and creating that happens! 

Do It Yourself decor and gifts are the best because they are creative, personal and can be made with love. 

One idea for crafting for the Holidays are these Felt Christmas Magnets made by VixenMade

They are so cute you will want to make them for every holiday! 

Supplies you will need: 

  • wooden Christmas shapes
  • hot glue/hot glue gun
  • different colors of felt
  • ribbon
  • glitter
  • assortment of small decorations
  • spray adhesive
  • magnets - strips or circle magnets - both can be found on Custom-Magnets.com! 

Trace each wooden shape onto the different colored felt pieces then hot glue them onto the wood. 

Start decorating on top of the felt with the ribbons, lace trim, buttons, etc. 

Hot glue the round magnets or strips of magnets  onto the back of the wood. 

Now decorate your fridge with your Christmas Magnet creations! 

For the complete list of steps, visit the VixenMade blog. 

Happy Holidays! 

The Custom-Magnets.com

Happy Holidays from Custom-Magnets.com!

We hope you enjoy these upcoming holidays with family, friends and loved ones. 

Thank you to all our amazing customers for another great year!